Can shadows be cast in the midst of the flames? This light just before the sun, are they the same? Your architecture, your lines, your personal geometry, your heart, they are all safe, you were protected from the flames, the best parts of you still remain. Emotion and passion surround you, you love your life, you rule this world and all that passes through you is forever changed. We did not witness flames that day but rather the energy of you being alive and being a part of our lives.

It is not a matter of choice, you can’t help yourself but to be you, this, is the source of our warmth.  Objects and lines everywhere. Vanishing points and visions just strewn about. It about you, its about me.   Unfortunate amounts of heat and light have brought strangers together. So now, let the sea, the ocean breeze and the salt in the air cleanse this ground and make way for a new beginning. Let the rains soften the soil, and wash the ashes from our hands. Let us reach out together and put forth our vision for tomorrow.

Always hold on tightly to what you love, and may our friendship and passion for seeking out the magic in this life bless this story!