Hello, Hello, it’s “me” are you there. You’ll never believe what just happened. I’ve been riding my bike around for hours, I don’t know what to do! Are you there? My life just changed, a part of me just got hurt, really bad! YES! I’m ok, but….I need your help. I need to hear your voice. I know that it will be ok, but I still need to hear you say it. Should I have been listening more, before it’s too late? Conversations, sounds, voices, pushing down on the buttons, “dialing your number,”…. Even though the phone is gone, you’re not. All that I really want, is to hear you sing, sing to me in the morning.  I will always hear your voice, sometimes I even confuse it with my own. Sometimes I close my eyes so I can just listen to your whispers, so I can hear my own heart. I know what to do now, but I still need to know that you are there.

…a sequence ( pushing the # buttons), a “code” that I can only talk to you, “ the phone’s ringing”…”it’s for you” the voices, the words, the sounds. Can you hear me, am I talking loud enough? A lost call, got cut off, coverage.